Hank's Beverages is a soft drink company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania specializing in gourmet, premium beverages with a variety of flavors such as root beer, grape soda, cream soda, and more in both regular and diet versions. A new design has been made for both the labels, logos, promotional material, etc. 
This project was done entirely for personal design purposes. Hank's Gourmet Beverages is not a fictional company and it is not my anticipation them to use this design.
Typefaces used: D-Din Condensed, Magneto Bold, custom typeface for logo.
The design is inspired off of vintage 1930s-1950s graphic design with bold, simple typography, shapes, and colors. It allows for a clean design free of distractions while still allowing for a unique and distinctive visual language.
The final design features a symmetrical hexagon with all the important typography inside of it. This keeps the eye focused on what's important while still having less important information, such as the All Natural and 12 fl. oz, off to the side. The unique visual indicators such as the small flourish on the top, as well as the ribbon shape behind the flavor name and the rotated text applied to Philadelphia Pennsylvania. This achieves a stable balance between a unique sense of design and visual clarity.
A wide range of experimentation was done to discover the different ways in which vintage design could be executed while staying on track for a design that is appropriate for a soft drink company. Although every design shown was extremely valuable in building the final design they were ultimately not chosen.
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