GameLess acts to lessen the amount of time and money spent on video games. Through research and lots of trial and error testing, the app essentially turns the act of non-gaming into a game itself. This is done by taking the amount of time and money you've spent on video games within a certain time frame, and comparing that to your friends and past time frames. 
This project combines conventional skills in UI/UX along with a strong brand identity, customization with illustrations, badges, and stickers, and progression with achievements and points.
Interact with GameLess Here. (On the top-right corner, click 'options' then 'fit to screen')
walkthrough video
This project was born out of the fact that video games have always provided a means of escape for me. With that came the difficulty of time management, money management, and forcing myself to get off. Just one more round would mean I would level up, and with that would come new items, badges, rewards, etc. If I play one more round I might beat this record. If I spend five more dollars I’ll be able to buy that important level-up. Video games are a true feeling of progression which I can’t get anywhere else.
This, of course, resulted in several problems such as me not being able to focus in school and having a hard time getting anything important done. With this project I hope to use the tactics used by the video game industry, against itself. It is clear that video games’ tactics to get players to play and spend more work because of how difficult it is to stop.
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